The Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group was formed in 1992 in response to the fragile nature of the remaining Big Scrub remnants and the very high conservation value of local, national and international significance.  BSL was incorporated in 1995 and received it first project grant. The group evolved and grew rapidly and now is the largest and most active landcare group in the region with over 400 members.

BSL facilitates, promotes and participates in the restoration of the Big Scrub which involves:

  • Revegetation of cleared rainforest lands
  • Restoring the effective functioning of ecological processes within the Big Scrub ecosystem
  • Maintaining biodiversity including threatened species population and habitats
  • Enhancing Big Scrub awareness among politicians, relevant government agencies and their people, local government, landholders and the community generally
  • Generating landholder enthusiasm, skills and commitment by providing information, education materials and demonstrations
  • Assisting, networking with and taking roles in government and community organisations with key roles in natural resource management.
  • Conducting events and activities, creating and distributing publications for education/ information/ publicity: Obtaining funding for on-ground projects and other activities.
  • Running effective on-ground restoration projects;
    • Maintaining the highest technical and professional standards, using best science.Rehabilitation of remnants mitigating threats

Becoming a member:

  • Annual membership fees will be abandoned for present and future members.
  • People becoming members in the future will guarantee to pay $10 only if BSL cannot pay its debts and is liquidated, which is of course extremely unlikely. 
  • Any present or past member will become a fully-paid member unless they elect not to or cannot be contacted by email or cannot in future be communicated with via email .
  • A member who has rendered outstanding service to BSL over many years may be nominated by the committee for election by members as a Distinguished Service Member.
  • Email will be used for communicating with our members and supporters.
  • Email and other technology may be used for committee communications and resolutions and for ballots of members.
  • One fifth of the committee will be required to stand for re-election each year. 

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