Big Scrub gets Critical Listing

It’s official – Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia has been listed as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community under the Commonwealth EPBC Act
Years of hardwork, persistence and lobbying by our president, Tony Parkes, and our scientific community have paid off; BSL had nominated Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia (LRSA) for this listing in March 2009. The listing will enhance awareness of the very high conservation value of LRSA and, hopefully, may help BSL to access funding for managing weeds and other threats to its biodiversity, resilience and survival.

This is a great achievement for our group and a tribute to our wonderful team of scientific advisors who willingly gave their expertise, time and effort over the past three years to put together the voluminous nomination and assisted in the assessment process. Thanks go to Annette McKinley, Barbara Stewart, David Milledge, Nan Nicholson, Paul O’Connor and Rob Kooyman. Carmel Flint produced an excellent report mapping the current and pre-1750 extent of LRSA across its range from Maryborough to the Hunter and demonstrated that only 14,000 ha or 7% of the pre-1750 area remains.

The area where Lowland Rainforest occurs has significant biodiversity values. It is located in the McPherson Macleay Overlap, contains the Big Scrub rainforest, supports World Heritage Rainforest and includes the Border Ranges which is one of Australia‟s National Biodiversity Hotspots. The core of the Lowland Rainforest ecological community is in the Big Scrub region near Lismore.

You can read more about the listing of the Big Scrub in Tony Parkes’ President’s Report (page 6) and find more details on the forests to be protected by reading Critically Endangered  Rainforests –Where? (page 22).