dynamics of restoration

Dynamics and Restoration of Australian Tropical and Subtropical Rainforests

Full Article http://www.rrrc.org.au/publications/downloads/495-GU-Kanowski-J-et-al-2009-Dynamics-and-Restoration.pdf At a stand level and as a generalization, the dynamics of moist tropical and subtropical rainforests following disturbance can be explained by a few interrelated factors (Swaine and Whitmore 1988; Hopkins 1990; Finnegan 1996; Richards 1996; Terborgh et al. 2002; Wright 2002). First, mature rainforest has a closed canopy and a shady[…]


Coolgardie Farm Visit

After a break of 15 years BSL members revisited Crystal Hill, the Coolgardie property of Stephanie and Julian Lymburner. Stephanie and Julian Lymburner’s property, Crystal Hill, was the venue for BSL’s  latest ‘farm visit’. Crystal Hill is on the Big Scrub escarpment about 10 minutes drive south of Ballina. That drive south from Ballina follows[…]