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Food for Thought – Flying Foxes and Bush Regeneration

 A discussion paper on flying foxes and the implications for bush regeneration at their camp sites. By Dr Kristin den Exter, Billie Roberts, Angus Underwood, Dr Len Martin  Introduction Flying foxes are animals of extraordinary ecological and economic importance throughout forests of the tropics, playing an essential role as forest pollinators and seed dispersers (Fujita[…]


The Importance of Small Big Scrub Remnants

 Claudia Catterall and Jo Green are undertaking research into the importance of small Big Scrub remnants. This is a transcript of Claudia’s presentation of her work so far given at the 2009 BSRD The theme of Big Scrub Rainforest Day (BSRD) this year is All About the Big Scrub. I think that’s appropriate, because there[…]


Big Scrub Skinks

A transcript of a presentation on Big Scrub skinks given by Steve McAlpin at the Big Scrub Rainforest Day 2007 I’m a conservation biologist who has lived and worked predominately in central and northern Australia. I currently live at Dorroughby and my particular passion is for skinks.   There are over 400 species of skinks[…]

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