Big Scrub: A cleared landscape in transition back to forest?

Parkes T., Delaney M., Dunphy M., Woodford R., Bower H., Bower S., Bailey D., Joseph R., Ford J., Nagle J., Roberts T., Lymburner S. and McDonald T. Big Scrub: A cleared landscape in transition back to forest? Ecological Restoration & Management 2012; 13(3), 212–223.

NSW Environmental Trust Grant

Great news–Big Scrub Landcare has just been awarded its eighth back-to-back grant from the NSW Environmental Trust.   The grant of $100,000 for our project entitled Rehabilitating Border Ranges Endangered  Lowland Rainforst will finance 250 days of on-ground weed control and monitoring as part of our long-term program to manage threats to biodiversity in remnants[…]

More About the Big Scrub

It is in these relicts of the Big Scrub rainforest that we can see Australia’s Gondwanan inheritance (White, 1986). The Australian rainforests contain many primitive flowering plants. As most rainforest remnants are less than five hectares in area, they are subject to weed invasion, the impact of cattle grazing and other human disturbances (BSRLG,1998). The[…]


How the Big Scrub was Formed

The original Shield volcano of Mount Warning that ceased to erupt about 20 million years ago was over 2 km high. This enormous mountain attracted moist air from the coast resulting in a high rainfall. Over time the water forming streams and rivers carved out a caldera. Much of the volcanic rock basalt from the[…]