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The important role of birds and bats in rainforest regeneration

The movement (dispersal) of seeds is a crucial part of forest regeneration. The dispersal of seeds throughout the forest increases the chances that seedlings will grow and survive. Also, dispersal allows plants to colonise new areas, including land that has been cleared. Birds and bats feed on fleshy fruits of rainforest plants and disperse the[…]


Big Scrub gets Critical Listing

It’s official – Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia has been listed as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community under the Commonwealth EPBC Act Years of hardwork, persistence and lobbying by our president, Tony Parkes, and our scientific community have paid off; BSL had nominated Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia (LRSA) for this listing in March 2009.[…]

lantana camara2

Lantana Control – a New Weapon

 This article is by member Stephanie Lymburner, a member of the National Lantana Management Group, a Federally funded organisation assessing ways of controlling lantana  Are you tired of working in the summer trying to kill lantana? Tired of the scratches and whipping canes? Tired of seeing it overtop your plantings? Well, there maybe some good[…]


Community response

Rainforest Landcare Group formed in 1992 in response to the fragile nature of the remaining Big Scrub remnants and the very high conservation value of local, national and international significance. BSL was incorporated in 1995 and received it first project grant. The group evolved and grew rapidly and now is the largest and most active[…]


Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail

 Jonathan Parkyn gave a detailed and intriguing presentation on the current state of the local, and critically endangered, Mitchell’s rainforest snail and the research been done to learn more. Jonathan is a PhD candidate at Southern Cross University Snails are molluscs, from the Latin word mollis, meaning soft. Molluscs are soft-bodied animals including Mitchell’s rainforest[…]

2011 Annual General Meeting

The great news I have for you today is that lowland rainforest of subtropical Australia has been approved for listing as a Critically Endangered Ecological Community under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. This is a wonderful achievement for our group and a tribute to our great team of scientific advisors who did[…]

Sumatran Restorators back to Big Scrub

Two Sumatran rainforest restorers from Rainforest Rescue’s project partner, the Orangutan Information Centre in North Sumatra, have recently completed a 10 day Skill and Cultural Exchange Tour of the Big Scrub area. Darjo Lismaidi and Ahmad Azhari (Ari) work in both wildlife conservation and rainforest restoration and their tour follows an August 2010 visit by[…]

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